Some Shares That Have Become Interesting

Published on January 26 2016

Markets took a tumble, big style into 2016. The turn of the year brought about economic uncertainty, fueled by fear in Oil markets. Since then prices have become a little more stable, and now there is even talk of OPEC getting their act together and sorting out this Oil oversupply that is shadowing the world.

As an avid follower of the stock market, I have obviously been researching some buys. This could be a great time to enter the market for the first half of 2016.

Below are some I have got my eyes on, with some basic reasoning.

Banco Santander
One of the most diverse banking stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange. With heavy revenue from Spain, Brazil, United Kingdom and more countries. This stock has been hit hard, along with most banks, but accounts and results read opposite to the share price. In my opinion this could have been overdone. Worth adding to my watch list.

Tullow Oil
I think Oil hit it's low for 2016 in mid January. Around the $27 per barrel mark. If that is the case, then Tullow's price should react to any solid rise, as it's a solid company with plenty prospects. There are also rumors it could be taken out by a competitor (such is the business in good stead).

Royal Mail
The darling of the IPO's in recent years. Held by many as it's a national institution in the United Kingdom, but analyst's are unanimous in their vote that higher prices are on the horizon. This could be the steady Eddie of any stock portfolio, over the next decade.

These are my main 3 shares to watch right now, but I am also looking at smaller companies such as RKH (Rockhopper) in Oil, and ABX (Barrick Gold) in the miners sectors.

​If you have any tips, be sure to leave me a comment.

Written by Donn

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