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  • Oil Prices Are Falling, But Why Exactly?

    07 January 2016

    This is definitely not an easy question but the answer simply lies on economies of scale;dictated by supply and demand. According to economics, when supply is high, price is down. On the other hand, when the demand of a commodity is low, the price of...

  • Gold May Be The Investment Of Choice With Interest Rates On The Move.

    07 January 2016

    For tens of thousands of years Gold was utilized as money and been an extremely valuable metal. Prices in the gold market can stay reasonably steady through turbulent times, recession and currency changes. Shares in gold mining organizations and various...

  • Some Shares That Have Become Interesting

    26 January 2016

    Markets took a tumble, big style into 2016. The turn of the year brought about economic uncertainty, fueled by fear in Oil markets. Since then prices have become a little more stable, and now there is even talk of OPEC getting their act together and sorting...